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Cell Project

A couple of years ago I was in a rusty old house: the atmosphere was depressing. The wall waited to be painted in one of the rooms, but right there I couldn’t realize the conception I had. I was waiting for years to be able to success it. Thanks to the Ipoly Room Gallery the plan could become real in January, 2007.


There’s a light wall, with a door in it. I took the wall and the door as paintable surface, and I painted it fully dark. I glued some golden stripes onto it randomly afterward.


At the end of the process the spectator can find him/herself literally out of (or in) a cell.  


This means that the cell can be observed from two perspectives: we can either be in the cell (in this case there is dark outside, if we look out of it), or out of the cell (in this case it is dark inside the cell, if we look into it). Everyone’s free to decide where to imagine themselves.


I was taking photos of the phases of being out - or imprisoned in/out of the cell, and I have made a montage using the pictures done so - it is available here. After the painting and striping, I slowly opened the door in the last pictures: the existence of the entry/exit is the chance of hopeful changing. The gallery has ceased, the work itself, the cell: gone. That was the exact reason for the photos, and for a short video to be made - to record this project.

Cell Project
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